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Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Christmas Gifts

Tis the season to be jolly, and here at Edwardo’s Natural Pizza, we want to wish you all happy holidays! This time of the year is filled with happiness and joy, and there is nothing more rewarding than the gift of giving. Who doesn’t get excited when they see somebodies face light up after they Read More

History of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago style pizza

Natural pizza is one of the most delicious meals anyone can ask for. Who doesn’t get excited when they open up that box and see a fresh, steamy, gooey tasty pie? From thin to deep, and cheese to pepperoni, pizza comes in a variety of sizes and toppings. But do you know the story behind Read More

How to Throw a Summer Pizza Party

Summer Party Planning There are so many ways to throw a pizza party. You can set up a little slice of Italy in your back yard with a chic garden party, including checkered tablecloths and wine. On the other spectrum, you may choose to have a very relaxing barbeque pizza night. Regardless of what party Read More

Everything you need to know about pizza

Edwardo's Pizza Slice

11 Facts about Pizza We’ve already gone over 11 reasons to love pizza, and lets be honest, there really isn’t a reason not to love pizza. Maybe except that the first bite is always way hotter than you expect, but other than that, pizza is pretty perfect. The only thing better than some good pizza Read More

11 Reasons to Love Pizza

At Edwardo’s Natural Pizza, we know there are more reasons to love pizza than we could ever try to count. In the interest of keeping things simple, we will simply start with these 11. Did we leave something out? Let us know on Facebook. 1. The average American eats 46 slices of pizza a year. Read More