History of Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago style pizza

Natural pizza is one of the most delicious meals anyone can ask for.

Who doesn’t get excited when they open up that box and see a fresh, steamy, gooey tasty pie? From thin to deep, and cheese to pepperoni, pizza comes in a variety of sizes and toppings. But do you know the story behind pizza serving up America?

We have to travel all the way back in time to late-900 AD to begin that story. It all started with ancient cultures and their flatbread, essentially the cousin to pizza. These ancient times hold the first documentations that indicate the Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and other ancient cultures added toppings to their flatbread just like you would pizza. Their flatbread meal is now known as focaccia.

Fast-forward to the 16th century and stop! Now we find ourselves in the beautiful Italian city of Naples. With the combination of tomatoes brought over from the New World, toppings such as anchovies, garlic, or cheese, and flat dough, the modern day natural pizza is in full effect.

Another couple hundred years down the road and we arrive in late 19th century America. As the country was increasing its popularity through the arrival of immigrants from all over the world, America quickly became the melting pot. With the arrival of immigrants also came the arrival of new foods and traditions. Neapolitan immigrants ate their tasty natural pizza and the fad began, sweeping across the country.

Chicago had a thriving community of immigrants, and pizza was a cheap delicious treat for all. Soon it became more than a cheap meal, but rather, one everybody loved. An increase in popularity from immigrants and World War II soldiers over the years meant the beginning of more innovative ways people began enjoying pizza. In 1943, something happened that changed Chicago forever.

Now, there isn’t exact proof behind who actually revolutionized pizza in Chicago, but I’m sure you can all guess what this new variation was. That’s right, Chicago deep dish pizza.

There are several different stories that involve the creation of deep dish pizza, but the most common one refers to two Italian-American men, Ike Sewell and Ric Ricardo. It is believed that these two entrepreneurs made the new styled, deep dish pizza at their shop in Chicago, Pizzeria Uno.

Finally we head a few more years through history to 1978, the year Edwardo’s Natural Pizza was established.  We need not go any further in time from here because, well… there really isn’t much reason to. Edwardo’s Natural Pizza has been in Chicago ever since, and our natural pizza has been stuffed to perfection since the beginning. We love being a part of this historic area and the emergence of deep dish pizza in the Midwest. Now with locations in Munster, Indiana, and Dearborn and Oak Park, Illinois, Edwardo’s Natural Pizza is proud to carry on the tradition, and spread the joy of not only natural pizza, but deep dish pizza to all.