How to Throw a Summer Pizza Party

Summer Party Planning

There are so many ways to throw a pizza party. You can set up a little slice of Italy in your back yard with a chic garden party, including checkered tablecloths and wine. On the other spectrum, you may choose to have a very relaxing barbeque pizza night. Regardless of what party style you choose, there are some must bring items you will want to include at your party no matter what. See our guide below for throwing the perfect summer party.

Pizza Party Essentials

Refreshing drinks

Keep the mood your trying to set in mind and let the food really express it.

If picnic theme is your choice, opt for drinks like limeade, lemonade or iced tea. These drinks are memorable and are simple enough to be inviting and refreshing.

White wine, fresh fruit cocktails or sangria are great options for adult beverages. These drinks can really set the stage for a fun party food

For a drink to get people really relaxed, try a lemon wedge, some fresh mint and a slice of cucumber. Top with ice to ensure your guests just get the flavor and fill with water or hold the ice, add some honeydew melon and pour in some sangria.

Food for passing

Since you’ll be ordering Edwardo’s pizza or having it shipped, it’s safe to say you’re covered for the pizza portion of your party. On to the appetizers.

Appetizers including dip, fruit or veggie plates, antipasto, and tarts are great for getting people to mingle. The unique items give people something to talk about to break the ice and the classic items will make people feel comfortable while they wait for the rest of the guests.

For desserts, sweets give people something to look forward to. Keep it simple anything with berries is a great way to remind people its summer. Cakes and pies with fresh berries are easy to make, refreshing and impressive.


Less is more when it comes to your party decor. Keep things relaxed and refreshing. A little décor can go a long way, especially with a summer party. Try some fragrant herbs or flowers laid around your food or in vases, and tea candles can also be used as a simple item to show the mood.