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Stuffed to Perfection Since 1978

The Original Edwardo’s Natural pizza opened on the north side of Chicago in 1978 offering the now famous Chicago style stuffed pizza where the tradition continues.

In a bygone era, when meals were hearty feasts for family and friends to gather, unrelenting requests were made on neighborhood pizzerias to serve up sizable pizzas. The captivating aroma from wood fired brick ovens enticed healthy cravings. In time, as the years faded with each generation, these grand pizzas had gone absent, leaving only a faint reminiscence of days gone by.

As Edwardo’s Natural Pizza sought to rediscover this timeless authentic old world pleasure, the pizza’s uniqueness caused people to remember when, and the demand increased, passed from family and friends. Edwardo’s made a name for itself with it’s signature Chicago style stuffed pizza.

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